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Which Is Better: Root Canal or Extraction?

Jun 8

Living in Rockhill, SC, with a damaged or infected tooth can make life difficult. Symptoms such as tooth discoloration, gum swelling, foul breath, and dental sensitivity can make speaking and eating difficult. As long as the untreated tooth remains in place, these symptoms might make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable.


The main goal of dental treatment is to keep your natural teeth. A root canal can ease symptoms and maintain the damaged tooth for many people. This popular dental surgery is performed about 41,000 times per day, for 15 million root canals conducted each year.


A thorough dental examination can establish whether a root canal is the best treatment option. River District Smiles' dentists in Rockhill, SC, have the experience and expertise to evaluate the best treatment option for your damaged or rotting tooth.


River District Smiles' specialist team assists patients in preserving their natural teeth and avoiding extraction. Learn why a root canal is preferable to tooth extraction whenever possible.


Long-term solution


The phrase "root canal" is frequently used to describe the treatment for treating infections in the root canal area of a tooth. A root canal is a hollow section of your tooth that houses blood vessels, nerve tissue, and other pulp cells. It stretches from the tip of your tooth's root to the top of your tooth.


The empty canal is sealed with a rubber-like gutta-percha to avoid infection after the damaged and diseased pulp is removed. The next stage in a root canal operation is to place a crown or filling on the restored tooth to preserve it and function normally. Typically, one to three appointment visits are required to complete the process.


Tooth extraction, on the other hand, may necessitate additional follow-up consultations and more expensive work in the long run. While extracting a tooth can alleviate symptoms, leaving a gap in your mouth can lead to additional oral issues. An artificial tooth replacement, such as an implant or bridge, is often required to maintain regular oral function after an extraction.


An advantage in terms of functionality


The practice of extracting a tooth might cause more than an aesthetic issue because it causes an imbalance in your mouth. Teeth, face muscles, and nerves naturally compensate for missing teeth after tooth extraction. Natural teeth that remain may progressively migrate to fill the gap, weakening healthy teeth and causing gaps in your gums.


The health of your gums and mouth are affected when you lose a tooth and its roots. Your teeth stimulate your jawbone to release nutrients that help it rebuild during normal chewing. However, tooth extraction leaves a space in your gumline that isn't produced enough to regenerate the bone beneath it.


You can lose your jaw's natural line and power if you don't get enough gum stimulation. In addition, as a result of bone degradation, your biting force, face structure, and overall look may change.


Less discomfort


Long-held misconceptions regarding root canal therapy have misled dental patients about the procedure's discomfort. Cutting-edge therapeutic procedures and cutting-edge anesthetics can make the process almost painless.


Because tooth extraction necessitates surgery below the gum line, a root canal is less intrusive than a tooth extraction. Patients with a root canal are six times more likely than those who have an extraction to describe the operation as painless.


The pain experienced after a root canal is also less than that experienced after an extraction. Furthermore, after a root canal, healing typically takes less time than recovering from an extraction.


River District Smiles Dentistry provides comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages in Rockhill, SC. Our skilled dentists offer a wide range of services, including root canal therapy, teeth cleanings, and more.


If you're experiencing tooth pain or think you may need a root canal, contact River District Smiles Dentistry today to schedule an appointment!