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Is Medical Transcription Still In Demand?

Feb 9

There is a rapid transformation in the behavior as well as the industries of the world, and the sole reason behind this great change is technology. The healthcare industry has also fallen prey to this rapid transformation and advancement caused by innovative technology. This change has also affected the status of medical transcription, and if you are from the medical industry, you would probably know about the dispute regarding medical transcription. Many medical billing companies do provide medical transcription services, and if you are looking for the best medical billing company, then UControl Billing is what you have been looking for! 

Coming back to medical transcription, the job of a transcriptionist is somewhat unique yet very important. In this career, the skills like listening, interpreting, writing, and organizing medical records really matter, and these skills. For being a successful transcriptionist, it is necessary to have full competence over the medical terminologies as well as other such aspects. In addition to that, a good transcriptionist should have sound knowledge of other subjects like physiology, anatomy, language, grammar, and basic computer knowledge. 

Technology And Medical Transcriptions

As technology is taking over, humans are being replaced by machines, and this significant change has caused disputes over the demand and future of medical transcription services. Now, most people are being replaced by machines to perform transcription jobs. Nobody can argue on the fact that technology and computers have helped to alter the ways different industries were working! Despite that, it is not possible that computers can be relied upon for doing every task. When it comes to reliability, humans will always be on top, and no computer can take them over for medical transcriptionists. The most important factor to be considered is reliability! 

The Future of Medical Transcription

Without a doubt, people around the world will always keep suffering from some sort of illness and continue to visit doctors. This implies that there will always be a need to create reports as well. The reports are stored electronically as the permanent record of the patient. 

The requirement for medical transcription services and medical transcriptionists will exist in the long run. As they will always be in demand, therefore it is essential that they are up to date with the latest developments. The responsibilities of medical transcriptionists have constantly been changing over the years, and this is the reason that now the role of transcriptionists is not only limited to transcribing. This implies that a good medical transcriptionist should have the skills to create draft reports, proofread reports as well as edit voice recognition reports.

The field of medical transcription and medical transcription services is continuously changing because of the usage and development of new technologies. In order to stay up to date and have the knowledge regarding the new developments and changes, a medical practice should outsource from a medical billing company, like UControl Billing, that is ready to accept and follow new trends. 

Future Trends for Medical Transcription

Are you wondering what these new trends that are constantly altering medical transcription services are? Let us tell you that there are numerous trends that will shape the future of the field of medical transcription as well as its services. Here are some of the new trends expected to change the future of medical transcription:

  • New development and changes in the software of voice recognition
  • Changes caused by regulatory amendments 
  • Mature and flourished internet-based technologies 
  • The globalization in the workforce of the medical transcription 
  • Rising prices and shortages in the global workforce 
  • Scientific changes occurring in the field of connectivity and automation
  • Increase in security measures
  • Changes in outsourcing of medical transcription services

Should We Be Worried? 

As there is fast advancement in the software of voice recognition, everybody is under the impression that the trend of medical transcription is going to end soon. Luckily, this is not true. If the medical transcriptionist and medical transcription service providers keep on educating themselves and keep on staying up to date with the recent trends on medical transcriptions, then this career has more future ahead! The reason behind this is that although the software of voice recognition is convenient and faster, the level of accuracy can not match that of humans, and doctors are more concerned with accuracy in reports because their job is very crucial and depends on these reports. 

Now, due to easy and advanced lifestyles, the living conditions of people have become better. Therefore, unlike in the past, people now tend to live longer. This is why there is a good population of people of old age. This simultaneously means that there will be an increased number of visits of old people to the doctors and more reports shall therefore be created. It is a known fact that as the demand for patients increases, it will directly increase the demand for medical transcriptionists. This means that a medical transcriptionist, as well as a medical transcription service provider, should not worry as the healthcare system really requires these services in the long run! 

Importance Of Medical Transcription Services

As we have stated above, the demand for medical transcription in medical billing is still very much there, so now let us go through some of the key importance of medical transcriptionists.

Medical transcription and its services assist a medical practice in the creation of patients’ medical history. This medical history lays the foundation for future possibilities of patient visits. In addition, it also plays the role of a reference for physicians. Furthermore, due to this medical history, doctors are able to evaluate the following:

  • The present physical condition of patients
  • Sketch a suitable treatment plan
  • Take quick follow-up measures

Usually, it is observed that a patient not only gets treatment from only one doctor. In some cases, the patients are required to get check-ups from a panel of doctors. In those scenarios, a well-maintained history of patient records can benefit and enhance the communication between various doctors and specialists involved in the treatment. This also saves time as well as increases the possibility of the best diagnosis and treatment decision. 

Other than that, a good medical transcription service provider can ensure that the support staff of the medical practice, including the nurses, can use these transcribed documents as a guide in order to deliver quality patient care.

The medical billing company or the billing and coding staff of the medical practice can utilize these transcribed records in order to bill insurance companies or the payers. 

The last yet most important reason for a medical practice to hire professional transcriptionists is that law demands an expert transcriptionist or a medical transcription service provider to maintain medical records. 

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