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The best list of 700+ websites that accept guest posts in 2021

Nov 20

700+ Sites to Submit Guest Posts in 2021


Do you have a blog? Do you want to grow your audience and increase organic traffic? Guest posting can be an effective way to do that. You get exposure to new audiences, build relationships with other bloggers, and earn some credits for yourself too! This list of 700 websites that accept guest posts includes blogs in all industries from fashion, marketing, art, technology - even sports! There are over 250 million monthly visitors on these sites. Read through the list below or check out the full article for more details about each site. I love digital marketing & social media strategy because it's endlessly fascinating how people use technology today to express themselves creatively online.

Why you should care about guest posts?

Guest posts are a great way to add diversity and originality to your blog's content without having to start from scratch. If you have a blog, but simply can't come up with something new all the time, submit a guest post from another blogger who has knowledge on a topic of interest for your blog.
It can be helpful for both parties involved in this type of partnership because it will provide a fresh perspective from someone else who shares some interests with you. Also, it will give readers different perspectives on the same topics if they read more than just one article on the same subject or issue. In addition, guest posts give bloggers outside of your niche an opportunity to get their ideas seen if they don't have their own website or blog

What the benefits of submitting a guest post? 

It's always nice to get more trusted content on the site. Especially if it is someone who has an advanced level of knowledge in your niche.
It can also lead to submissions from other authors which is great for getting traffic. It provides another avenue that you are both willing to be responsive with and produce new content. There are many benefits that come with guest posts but ultimately it's up to the author whether they want one or not based on what will work best for them individually. But there are plenty of reasons why you might consider taking advantage of this opportunity!



If you have a blog and want to grow your audience, guest posting is one of the best ways to do it. You’ll not only get exposure for yourself but also build relationships with other bloggers in your industry. Plus, you can earn some credits too! This list includes blogs from all industries including fashion, marketing, art, technology - even sports! So if you need a place to post you've been provided links for 700 websites that accept guest posts